Books That Read From Right to Left

While most books are traditionally read from left to right, there are others that read from right to left. Book binding can be complex, but it’s important to ensure that every book works and looks the way the reader intended it too. Sure, these are very specialized and used only in certain circumstances; but the truth is that there will be some books you can only read starting from the right side. Here are those types of books:

Sunlight to freedom book that was printed from the right side and read from right to left.
Common Books that are read right to left like these books.

Muslim books

There are many Arabic languages that read this way as well. Muslim books in particular are widely known for the fact that they are only read from right to left. That can make it difficult to someone from Europe or USA for example, because they are known to read from left to right. With time and dedication, it’s possible to start reading from right to left. These Muslim books have maintained this structure for a very long time, and they are deeply embedded in culture and religion.

Religious books

Yes, some religious books are also meant to be read from right to left. This is how they were written many centuries ago. Not all religious books are like this, but some of them -more specifically the older ones- are usually read from right to left. An example of these religious books is the Torah and Quran.  

Books in specific languages

There are a variety of languages, like Japanese, Urdu, Manding, Yiddish, Fula Languages and Syriac or Assyrian whose books all start from the right. This is not something you encounter in every language, but some of these languages have this kind of approach, and it’s certainly something to take into account. With that being said, the binding is very important here, and some books even have guides on how to be read.


Manga books are also read from right to left. This is quite uncommon, since they are similar to comic books, but at the same time they have their own reading pattern. Manga’s can vary in style, size, but they are usually split in multiple volumes that contain an ever-evolving story. Some Manga are colored, others are in black and white, depending on the authors and illustrators.


You will find many different books reading from right to left. While this is uncommon to western society because we read from left to read this is still common in other parts for the world. You also have manga’s, who were specifically designed this way, and which have become a cult hit all over the world. The truth is that we can find lots of books to read from the right, but it all comes down to knowing where to look!