Perfect Bound

Perfect binding is not a stitch binding at all, but a solely adhesive based binding. It is how most paperback books are bound.

Hardcover Casebound

Case binding has an elegant look and more durability than a perfect bound book. Commonly bind along with Smyth sewn for layflat ability.

Saddle Stitching

Folded sheets are gathered together one inside the other and then stapled through the fold line with wire staples.

Flexi Bound

Less expensive option than hardcover binding, but offers a higher perceived value than a traditional paperback. It also offers better protection for the inside text pages. Commonly bind along with Smyth sewn for layflat ability.

Coil Bound

Coil is more durable than metallic and allows the book to lay completely flat or even fold back on itself, unlike other binding methods.


Metal wire-o-bound provides a professional look and allows the book to lay completely flat or even fold back on itself, unlike other binding methods.

Glue Binding

Glue binding is commonly used for paperback and hardcover books. Books with glue binding does not able to layflat.

Smyth Sewn

The signatures of the book are folded and stitched through the fold. The signatures are then sewn and glued together at the spine to form a text block, have wide margins and can open completely flat.

Board Book Binding

Extra thick cardboards mounted together, usually finishing with round corners. Pages are be able to layflat.

Conceal Wire-O Binding

The book is bound with either wire-o or coil binding, concealed with hard covers. The spine can be finished in square or round back.


The book will lay flat on a table without springing closed or requiring you to press down on the pages. Layflat bindings include Smyth sewn, Coil/Wire-o binding, Saddle Stitching, Boardbook binding, Thread Stitch binding and Ota-Bind etc.


One of the method for softcover books being bound layflat besides Smyth sewn. The cover also prevents stress on the spine and reduces the cracking that occurs during use.

Thread Stitch Binding

There are different types of thread stitch bindings we offer. Perfect to give a traditional finish to a book. A simple line of sewing holds the pages together so the finished book is secure & stylish.

Elastic Closure

Custom elastic strap adding to the book. A popular option for planner, notebook and journal.

Head & Tail Bands

The little pieces of colored cloth attached to the top and bottom of the spine of hardcover books.

Ribbon Bookmark

Custom ribbon bookmark only available to hardcover casebound books.