How to get kids to love reading?

Reading is a great habit for kids and adults alike. Not only does it expand your mind and vocabulary, but it’s also incredibly fun and interesting. It’s always a good idea to make kids fall in love with reading. But how can you do that? Buying a children’s book is a good starting point, but are there any other things you can do to make a habit out of reading? Here are some ideas to take into consideration.

A bookshelf of children's books. These books were printed by sure print and design and has kids books. Kids will love these book as they are fun and easy to read.
A bookshelf Full Of Children’s Books

Start with a simple children’s book

You don’t want to make reading difficult. Starting with a simple children’s book is a great idea, because it shows your kid that reading can be accessible and fun. Keeping things simple and not complicating the process is important, and it will make quite the difference.

Read with your kids

Kids are bound to read more if you stay alongside them and read together. You can make this a fun, engaging and interesting family activity, as that’s what will make your kid start reading more. If you model reading as a great behavior and something your kid should be proud of, that will surely make the entire process simpler and more exciting.

Keep books around your home

If your kid sees a children’s book around the home or even any other book, they feel that having and reading books is normal. You want to promote the idea of having books around, as it can lead to some amazing results and a great experience, which is exactly what you want to pursue.

Read a book and watch the movie version with your kid

In case you watch a movie created after a good book, your kid will most likely enjoy it and want more of it. This is where you introduce the book and let your kid know that the book is even better than the movie. Something like this will certainly spark interest in the book. As a result, your kid will read more and more, and that alone is incredibly helpful in the long run.

Make visiting the library an adventure

When you do that, your kid associates reading with something fun and an engaging activity. You want reading to be interesting, and not a monotonous and challenging task. If you keep it fun and engaging, your kid will love it and that alone is what really makes reading such a great experience in the long run.


As you can see, getting a children’s book or just creating activities geared towards reading can be a great way to present reading as a fun thing to do. Kids will love reading books if you present this as a cool and interesting activity. It doesn’t have to be something complex, just keep books around and you will find it a more interesting and exciting way to instill reading into your child’s mind. Starting with a children’s book is a great idea, but then you can go with something more complex in the long run. Or you can specialize on hobbies, whatever your kid is interested in!