What are Journals and Planners?

In this article, we’ll discuss the different types of binding and accessories available for journals and planners.

This is a journal meant for art. Planning out the art fort the week or month.

What are Journals and Planners used for?

Journals and planners provide a space for the user to write down everything needed. For example, journals can be used as personal diaries to document thoughts and feelings, while planners can be used to keep track of important dates and tasks. With that being said, the paper used for journals and planners must be writable that doesn’t easily bleed through on the other side of the page. Try avoid using coated paper stock such as gloss or matte coated that may cause smudge on inks or difficult to write by pencil.

The common stock used on journals and planners are 70lb, 80lb or even as thick as 100lb uncoated stock. For a thicker book, we suggest to use a thinner stock of 55lb uncoated to avoid the book being overly bulky. Either white or cream paper will work out well for journals and planners.

The different types of Journals and Planners available

There are many different types of journals and planners available on the market. Majority of them have the capability to lay down flat, so the user can write on the book with ease. Lay-flat ability can let the book open up wide without causing damage to the spine of the book.

Here are some of the most popular binding options for journals and planners that will allow lay-flat ability:

  • Flexibound: Similar to hardcover book except the cover will be wrapped over a bendable cardstock instead of a rigid greyboard to reduce the overall weight. Flexibound offers a higher perceived value than a traditional paperback and has better protection for the inside text pages. Option to bound with either square or round spine and commonly bound with round corners. Also available to add accessories like ribbon bookmark, elastic enclosure and pen holder.
  • Casebound: Uses rigid and durable hardcover that provides an elegant look with more durability than a Perfect Bound or Flexibound. Often pair with the use of vegan leather or cloth/linen cover to enhance the design for a timeless look. The durability of the rigid greyboard cover can allow to install elastic enclosure and pen holder, resembles the typical design of the classic journals and planners.
  • Perfect Bound: Also has another name called paperback. Perfect Bound or paperback do not allow to lay-flat, thus it usually pair up with the use of Section Sewn for journals and planners. Even though Section Sewn doesn’t to open up as wide compare to the other bindings, but it still allows certain degree of open flat ability without having the concern of user press too hard on the spine. The cover will be using a cardstock cover, often consider as softcover.
  • Wire-o Bound: Metal wire-o-bound provides a professional look and allows the book to lay completely flat or even fold back on itself. The cover can opt for using either cardstock or rigid hardcover. This type of binding also common in the use of exercise books.
  • Coil Bound: Coil binding is using durable plastic coil, that allows the book to lay completely flat or even fold back on itself, unlike other binding methods. The cover will be using a cardstock cover, so this binding consider as one of the softcover.
  • Saddle Stitch: Folded sheets are gathered together one inside the other and then stapled through the fold line with wire staples. Usually this type of binding do not go beyond 80 pages or 40 double sided sheets. It is one of the most economical option for lay-flat binding. The cover will be using a cardstock cover, so this binding consider as one of the softcover.

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Accessories and Add-ons

A little accessory can create a huge impact to the journal or planner’s value. It will enhance user experience and offer more uniqueness to the product itself.

Belly Band: Belly bands are strips of paper that wrap around the cover of a notebook to be tucked into the inside front and back covers.

Ribbon Bookmark: A custom ribbon bookmark can be added to hardcover casebound or flexibound books.

Elastic Closure: A custom elastic strap can be added to your book. A popular option for planners, notebooks and journals.

Pen Holder: Matching color to the cover to hold a pen or pencil. The elasticity of the pen holder will ensure holding the pen or pencil tightly.

Book Sleeve: Custom book sleeve or box set will fit perfectly to the size of the journal. Ideal for book sets or premium book product, adds uniqueness and value to the book collection. Full color printing, lamination, leather or linen material, foiling, custom die-cut and many more finishing options available.

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