What is Saddle Stitch Binding?

Finding the right binding for a book is incredibly important, as it dictates quite the difference, and it also helps eliminate any potential concerns. The truth is that having a binding like saddle stitch can be very efficient, since it just makes the process more cohesive and dependable. But what is the saddle stitch binding and what kind of books use it? Let’s find out.

What is saddle stitch?

This is a type of binding where you have single sheets of paper printed on both sides, they are collated in numerical order. Then they are folded in half and stapled via the fold by a dedicated saddle stitch stapler. It’s a very common type of book binding and you will find that it’s dependable, easy to use, and great for a variety of book types.

This is a saddle stitch book with staples attached to it. This has 2 staples on the front and back.

What books is the saddle stitch binding good for?

Generally, staple binding is a good approach if you want to create booklets or even books with a short page count. If your booklet or book has under 60 pages, this is a very good idea. That’s why booklets, kid’s book and magazines use this kind of binding; because it’s way less expensive when compared to other binding options. And despite that, it’s still a very efficient system that will offer you great results all the time.

Are there any other benefits?

One of the things to like about saddle stitch binding is the fact that these booklets lay flat and open when you flip through their pages. It becomes a lot easier to use and read something like this, which is not exactly common. You do have to keep that in mind, since small booklets will always benefit from this kind of binding.

Is there a minimal word count for the saddle stitch binding?

You do need to have at least 8 pages and up to 60 pages if you want to use the saddle stitch binding. It’s a great option because not only do you get to showcase your ideas and also include anything from written content to illustrations, but the way you use this is also versatile and enjoyable at the same time. It’s always important to find the right type of binding based on the book you want to create. And yes, saddle stitch can be a great option most of the time if you have a short book.

It’s a very good idea to take your time and assess what kind of paper you want to work with, how large the book is and how many pages you want. That will dictate the type of binding which works in a situation like this. Thankfully, saddle stitch is one of the right binding options if you have a booklet or a short book.