Head & Tail Band

The head & tail band is a small cord / strip of material affixed near the top and bottom of the spine. For the purpose of decorative effect as well as some reinforcement for the text block.

Ribbon Bookmark

A ribbon connected at the top of the book spine, serve as the purpose of a bookmark. Wide range of color selection to choose from to best match your theme. Multi ribbons per book is also available for keeping track of important pages.

Ideal for novels and journals.

Dust Jacket

An extra protection layer for the book cover to prevent scratches and fingerprints getting onto the book cover itself. This also provide the writer with extra printable area for additional contents they want to share with the reader. Great add-on for “non-printable” covers such as leather, cloth, or linen cover.


Adding the pocket and card slot to you book for the purpose of storing loose sheet materials. Ideal for business marketing book, work books, journals or information catalog which allows the reader / receiver to keep all notes in one place along with the business card.

Elastic Closure

Elastic Closures is a strip of elastic that goes around the book that will keep the cover securely closed. Add this to use as an alternative to a bookmark or to enhance the book’s value. Commonly used for journals, agendas and planners. 

Pen Holder

Pen Holder is a loop securely attached to the book for the purpose of holding a pen or pencil. Different colors and materials are available. Commonly used for journals, agendas and planners.