Conditions of Sale

Sure Print & Design (SPD) Quotations and Orders: Prices are based on prevailing rates at time of production. No contract will be binding on SPD until quotation is signed by customer and credit terms and conditions satisfactory to SPD are met. Any increase in manufacturing or material prices at time of production will be documented and added to or subtracted from the quoted price. Charges for manufacturing may be changed if order is not completed within 30 days of date of quotation. Final payment can be in the form of Cash, Interact, Email Money Transfer, Direct Deposit, Company Cheque or Bank Draft. Credit card payment will be subject to 3% surcharge on the total amount and with limit of CAD$2,500 payment. If Sure Print and Design has completed and finished the printed job in accordance with the specifications laid out on the order with a confirmation to print from the customer, but does not receive full payment for completed and finished work in 5 business days, Sure Print and Design reserves the right to charge the customer the full amount owing.  If the order has not been picked up after completion within a 5 business day time period, Sure Print and Design reserves the right to charge the customer $50/week per skid (CAD) as a storage cost until the products are picked up. This payment can be made when the customer picks up the books or approve final shipping.

Production Schedules: This work will be completed in accordance with an agreed upon production schedule provided neither party shall be liable for delays or non-performance due to causes beyond either party’s control.

Preparatory Work and Materials: Sketches, copy, dummies and all preparatory work created or furnished by us shall remain our property and no use of same shall be made, except upon proper compensation. Art work, negatives, positives, plates and other items when supplied by us will be used only for your work, but shall remain our exclusive property unless otherwise agreed in writing. Standing negatives or positives will be retained on file for a period of three years after which they will be destroyed unless a special agreement is made in writing. Production printing plates will not be held after completion of this order.

Alterations: This quotation is for work as we understand your original specifications. Alterations represent work performed in addition to these specifications. Such alterations or additional work shall be charged for at our current rates and be supported with documentation upon request.

Proofs: Proofs will be submitted with original copy. Corrections, if any, are clearly to be marked on a “Master Set” and returned “OK” or “OK with corrections” and signed with the name or initial of the person duly authorized to pass on same. If revised proofs are desired, the request must be made when the proofs are returned. We regret any undetected error that may occur, but cannot be responsible for errors if the work is printed per your approval or if any changes are communicated orally. If the customer would like to cancel their order after receiving and reviewing the printed proof (prototype book), they are responsible for owing the amount of the book(s) printed to Sure Print and Design plus any additional graphic work and shipping fees (if applicable). The amount and price will be calculated during the time of cancellation. Shipping of the proof is not included and will be subject to additional charge. Customer has the option to pick up at store location or arrange their own courier if they wish to do so.

Ink Matches: Because of differences in equipment, paper, inks, and other conditions between color proofing systems and production pressroom operations, a reasonable variation in color between the color proofing system used and the completed job shall constitute acceptable performance. Special ink matches will be supplied by us if you supply a swatch of your desired color.

Overtime: Overtime incurred because of your delay in furnishing material, holding up the progress of the work or your request for extremely short deliver time requirements are subjected to overtime rates. All quotations are based on our work being performed on a straight time basis.

Paper: The price included in this quotation is based on the best cost information we have as of this date. The Paper industry practice is to invoice with pricing as of the date of their shipment, therefore our final billing can change to reflect an increase in the cost of paper incurred subsequent to the date in our quotation. During paper shortages, we will offer substitute papers for your approval before proceeding with manufacture.

Customer Furnished Materials and Property: Paper stock, camera copy, film, color separations and other furnished materials shall be manufactured, packaged and delivered in accordance with printing trade customs and our specifications. Any delays or impairment of production that we might incur caused by your failure to do so can cause additional cost and be so charged. Materials delivered from you or your supplier and verified without the cost of a physical count and therefore we cannot accept the liability for shortages based on supplier’s tickets. We shall be entitled to charge you for the handling and storage of any materials you supply, or of finished goods after completion. You are expected to maintain your own Insurance for your property’s replacement value.

Overruns and Underruns: Overruns or underruns not exceeding ten percent (10%) on quantities ordered up to 10,000 copies and/or the percentage agreed upon over or under quantities ordered above 10,000 copies shall constitute acceptable delivery. We will bill for the actual quantity delivered within this tolerance. If you require a guaranteed no less than delivery, our percentage tolerance of overage must be increased.

Shipping and Delivery: Unless otherwise specified, the price quoted is for a single shipment, without storage, shipped to CIF Port of (the said), and is based on carrier at the shipping point or upon mailing of our invoice for finished work whichever occurs first. We do not control common carriers and cannot be held financially responsible for delays and/or damages (dents, cuts, tears, rips, and stains) incurred by independent transportation companies. Charges related to delivery service from you to our plant or from your supplier to our plant are not included in our quotation unless specified. Special priority pick-up or delivery service will be provided at current rates upon your request.

Terms: Payment in USD shall be made by either: a) Official Bank Check payable to SPD in the amount of 1/2 due upon approval of proofs; and 1/2 due upon receipt of advance copies in order to release shipment; or b)Bank Wire Transfer with the same timing as described in a) above. As a security for payments of any sum due or to become due under the terms of this agreement, we shall have the right to retain possession of, and shall have a security interest in, all property owned by you and in our possession.

Cancellation Policy: If you wish to cancel your order before any work has been done you may ask our associates for a full or partial refund. SPD reserves the right to provide the customer a full or partial refund and would be subjected to a one time administration fee of $25 or 3% of the order – whichever is the higher value. No cancellation will be accepted without reimbursement to SPD for work performed or materials ordered. Charges for materials will reflect prices prevailing at the time of production.

Guarantee, Liability, Limitations, and Indemnification: We will produce the work in a good workmanlike manner and in accordance with agreed upon specifications and production schedule. Sure Print and Designs reserves the right to adhere to an industry standard defective allowance of up to 3mm for any print job in accordance with average industry standard which includes but is not limited to: cuts, tears, rips, print marks, stains, smudges, shifting, dents, staples, glue and threads. In the event the work is defective due to our fault, our liability to you shall be limited to a re-print, refund or partial refund of the defective items and we shall not be responsible for special or consequential damages, including but not limited to, lost profits or business. For such policy to take affect the customer must submit to us a photo documentation of all the defective products clearly indicating where the defect is on the book. Sure Print and Design has the right to assess whether the defective product constitutes for a reprint, refund or partial refund based on the assessment of the defective product. For a re-print, refund or partial refund to occur the purchaser must return the defective product at the cost of the purchaser for Sure Print and Design to assess the damage further and to provide the appropriate solution. If determined to provide a partial refund, we will refund the purchaser the per unit cost of the book associated with their order for the total amount of books that have been returned before tax. We shall not be responsible for special or consequential damages, including but not limited to, lost profits or business.

Sure Print and Design’s team is responsible for only looking over the printing specs of the PDF and is not responsible for any grammar errors, spelling mistakes, formatting issues, color issue caused by RGB format, transparency/overlay print, fonts missing, rich black text issue provided by customer and any other errors that may occur before submitting the files. Sure Print and Design’s team does not read and look through the cover and inside contents of the book to make sure there are no errors, as it is the responsibility of the owner of said PDF to have the due diligence to make sure the files are print ready.

Any applicable Federal, State, County or Local taxes imposed on us on account of this transaction shall be added as an extra charge to this order. If sales tax does not apply to this order, please include your tax exemption number on your letter of credit or purchase order, otherwise sales tax will be charged. SPD may subcontract work to domestic or foreign printers without the prior consent of customer. The terms and conditions of this agreement shall accrue to the benefit of such subcontractor. Customer agrees that if SPD subcontracts any work of customer to any particular printer. Customer shall not conduct any business with the partner for five years from the date of this quotation. In the event that customer breaches this paragraph, Customer shall be liable to SPD for lost profits with respect to each transaction in an amount equal to the difference between the amount charged to customer by the subcontractor and SPD’s standard non-discounted rates for a comparable transaction, plus costs of collection including reasonable attorney’s fees. Any claims made by you must be in writing and given to us within 7 days after shipment of work. You warrant that the use of materials furnished by you will not infringe or violate any laws or regulations or any rights of others and you will indemnify and save us harmless from any and all damage, cost and expense based on any claims of such infringement or violation, including court costs and attorney’s fee.