Book Formatting

Formatting packages allows your book to be laid out in a more aesthetic manner and converting your manuscript into a print ready PDF.

Choose from one of the following styles to format your book.


Extent: Up to 200 pp text
Includes: 3 pages of revisions after first proof
Price: $99 Get a Quote

Extent: 201 to 350 pp text
Includes: 5 pages of revisions after first proof
Price: $135 Get a Quote

Extent: 351 to 500 pp text
Includes: 8 pages of revisions after first proof 
Price: $160 Get a Quote

Note: We at Sure Print and Design are not a publisher or an editor. We do not delete, insert, proofread, copy editing or change any texts or pictures of your work. When placing an order to reformat your book, you are agreeing for us to change the layout of your book to fit into one of the styles chosen. Page counts will be adjusted accordingly and will be reflected on the final price. If you would like us to format your book that has photos and pictures it will be an additional $45. Additional $45/hour for further revisions if required.

Cover Design

Don’t have a cover for your book?

We can make one for you professionally as well as generate a barcode if ISBN is provided.

Just let us know which style you would like when placing your order and our team will design you a print-ready cover spread for your book.


Design of front cover, back cover and spine from templates
Style 1 to Style 6.

Includes: 3 minor revisions after first proof.
Price: $99 Get a Quote

Note: Our team at Sure Print and Design will design your cover with the style that you have chosen. When placing your order include all the pictures and texts you would like inserted onto the covers. Make sure all the supplied pictures are 300DPI or more to ensure the highest quality print for your cover. Choose one of the six templates on the left. Additional $45/hour for further revisions if required.

Other Formatting Services

We also provide other formatting and file conversion services.

If your book is just about print ready but needs minor adjustments to meet the requirements, we can help!

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Format cover into print-ready PDF from supplied files : $25
Convert content file into print-ready PDF (from .doc, .ppt, .pub, etc.) : $25
Resizing pages (up to 300 pages) : $25
Adjusting margins on PDF : $25
Generating extra electronic proofs (first eproof is free) : $25
Placing barcode file on cover or dust jacket : $25
Convert to ebook format with Book Formatting package (EPUB or MOBI) : $45
Create Barcode: FREE if a 13 digit ISBN number is provided, assistance with placing barcode is extra $25