Spot UV

Spot UV allows you to highlight particular elements on your cover (glossy highlights over matte lamination) for a unique look and a texture you can feel when holding the book.

Foil Stamping

Make your cover shine with a Foil Stamp on your book artwork or title.

Available in different colors. Foil stamping also gives an additional debossed effect after stamped.

One of our most popular and affordable cover finishing options.

Embossing or Debossing

Embossing gives your book cover a convex texture that you can see and feel, while Debossing creates a concave element that is recessed into the cover.

Leather, Cloth or Linen

The timeless look of leather, cloth and linen gives an elegant and classic appearance.

The image shown is an example of Debossing on a leather cover.

Spot Glitter

Spot Glittering is an eye catching glittery layer that can be applied to text or images.

It is more prominent compared to Spot UV.

A popular choice for children’s book and visual books.

Gilding Edges

Gilding places a thin layer of gold or metallic color on the edge of each page for a dramatic effect when the pages are closed.

Popular with religious texts and antique books.

Metallic Paper

A Metallic Paper cover is an unique treatment that encompasses the surface of the book cover providing an overall metallic sheen.

Cold Foil

Cold Foil allows higher precision suitable for fine lines and dots to show, which can achieve much more complicated foil designs.

This effect is available in a variety of colors and stays flat without a debossed effect on cover.


Flocking provides the look and feel of plush felt to selected elements on your cover.

This unique tactile finish is popular with children’s books and for use with novelty book products.

Special Die-Cut

Who says a book has to look like a dull rectangle?

A Die-Cut process enables you to shape your book into any physical representation of the theme.