Don’t Judge a Book by It’s Cover (Oops, I Just Did!)

Your mom told you, your teacher warned you, even the busboy at the bar you frequent with your friends has insisted that you should never judge a book by it’s cover. It’s cliché, and perhaps its an evolution into proverbial recognition has proven true, the reality is, we all judge books by their cover designs. Idiomatic prescription aside, it’s a truth we all must face, especially as writers. That’s why your book’s cover design is important. Whether you’re a prolific author or new to the publishing scene, it is essential for the success of your book to have an appealing and captivating cover design.

Putting some serious thought and creativity into your book’s cover design can be the defining factor between your book’s achievement and failure. Sure, if the contents of a book are impactful and significant enough, there is a chance of success regardless, but there is risk in trusting your pen, despite how provoking it may be. You might have even achieved the perfect bound, but the book industry is a competitive one, and the saying goes; “for every successful writer there are 1000 who are not”. For emerging writers and authors, a great cover design can show artistic expression, creative insight and offer a glimpse into the topics and narratives in the book. The cherry on top is that it also helps SELL your book and profit off the time and effort spent putting stories to ink. A cover design is the first thing readers see when they come in contact with a book, and it’s important to give the best first impression possible. A successful book cover design is poignant and relatable and allows readers to feel the text before immersing themselves through its pages. It is a built-in advertisement and a marketing campaign on display before anyone has even touched your book.

So a cover design is important to create a quality impression, we all know that, but attaining a head-turning book cover design is a lot easier said than done. Creating a gripping and timeless book cover, think along the lines of A Clockwork Orange or Catcher in the Rye, isn’t just asking your cousin who took that one paint night class to scribble some lines on a hardcover. Professional services that specialize in cover designs can be pricey and thorough, but more often than not, they are oh so worth it. Custom book designs can also be done by the author themselves,and may reduce the cost of printing your books, but it is strongly suggested to take a few in-depth photoshop and Adobe classes to ensure you have the skills to create a cover design that speaks to the right audience in the right way.

Being invested in your book’s cover design takes a lot out of an author, but walking by the Chapters, seeing your book with a recognisable face, knowing your heart and soul lives within the printed proof, will leave a lasting impact. And, hey, you may just see some passerby on the subway waving a familiar design, for the world to see.

– Written By Kaylin Baker-Fields. Sumbitted Janurary 13 2021