Slipcases and Two-Piece Boxes

In the realm of book publishing, the physical presentation of a book can hold profound significance. It’s not merely about the words on the pages, but also about how those words are presented. Slipcases, or book sleeves, are an integral part of this presentation, offering both practical utility and aesthetic appeal. In this blog, we will delve into the world of slipcases for books, exploring their manufacturing process, their numerous finishing options, and the compelling reasons authors and publishers consider them indispensable for enhancing the value and appeal of their literary works.

slipcases for 2 books

Understanding Slipcases

A slipcase is a protective case, open at one side, designed to encase a book snugly. It provides both a shield for the book and an elegant cover, transforming a collection of books into a cohesive and visually appealing set.

Manufacturing Process

The creation of slipcases is a meticulous craft, involving several steps that ensure a snug fit for the book:

  • Selecting the Right Material: The foundation of a slipcase typically consists of a rigid durable greyboard (1 to 2.5mm greyboard) or 18pt cardstock material that forms the core structure. The 1 to 2.5mm greyboard finishing is a greyboard that then gets wrapped around by another coated stock paper where the printing takes place, while the 18pt cardstock slipcase is much flimsier that has the printing directly on the material itself.
  • Customization: To accommodate a specific book, the greyboard or cardstock is cut, glued and reshaped accordingly. This step ensures that the slipcase fits the book like a glove. Contact us for the guideline template to ensure the slipcase or box-set fits perfectly.

Wraparound Options for Slipcases

When it comes to the wraparound exterior of slipcases, it only available with the rigid greyboard option where there are three primary choices to consider:

  • Digitally/Offset Printed Stock: This option allows for intricate printed designs on a cardstock that wraps around the greyboard, offering both durability and customization. You can get the cardstock laminated in either gloss, matte or soft touch silk lamination finishing.
  • Cloth/Linen: Slipcases can be elegantly covered in cloth/linen, adding a tactile and sophisticated feel to the exterior. The cloth/linen serves as both protection and an aesthetic enhancement.
  • Leather: For the ultimate in luxury and durability, leather-wrapped slipcases are an exquisite choice. The tactile quality of leather exudes opulence.
slipcase with gold foil stamping

Finishing Options for Added Appeal

Irrespective of the wraparound material chosen, slipcases can be further enhanced with a variety of finishing options, including:

  • Spot UV: The selective application of spot UV adds gloss and texture to specific areas, creating a visually striking contrast.
  • Foil Stamping: Foil stamping embellishes the surface with metallic or pigmented foil, imparting a luxurious and captivating appearance.
  • Metallic Finishing: Metallic finishes create a brilliant, reflective surface that adds glamor and prestige to the slipcase.
  • Die Cut: Die-cutting allows for the creation of unique shapes and openings in the slipcase, adding a touch of innovation to the design.
  • Other Specialty Finishes: Additional finishes such as embossing, debossing, or custom textures can be applied to achieve specific design effects.

These finishing options contribute to the overall aesthetic and tactile qualities of the slipcase, making it an artful complement to the enclosed book and an attractive addition to any collection.

Why Choose Slipcases

Authors, publishers, and book collectors alike recognize the merits of slipcases for their books. Here are some compelling reasons why slipcases have become indispensable:

slip cases with multiple books
  • Enhanced Value: Slipcases elevate the perceived value of a book. They convey a sense of exclusivity and collectibility, making the book more desirable to readers and collectors.
  • Premium Pricing: Books housed in slipcases often command higher price points. The added value of the slipcase can justify an increase in price, benefiting authors and publishers.
  • Boosted Sales: A book presented in a slipcase stands out on the market. Readers are drawn to the visual appeal and sense of completeness, leading to increased sales.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: On a reader’s bookshelf, a collection of books in coordinating slipcases is not just a source of literary pleasure but also a visual delight. Slipcases make for an organized and attractive display.

Two-Piece Boxes: An Eloquent Presentation Style

For authors, the presentation of your book is not just about its content—it’s also about the experience you create for your readers. Two-piece boxes offer an intriguing way to add a touch of sophistication and anticipation to your book’s unveiling.

Distinct from slipcases, two-piece boxes consist of an outer tray and an inner box, designed to snugly cradle your book. This unique structure introduces an element of excitement and ceremony when it comes to revealing your literary creation.

two piece box set

The outer tray presents an opportunity to showcase captivating artwork or custom designs, setting the stage for the reader’s experience. As the outer tray is lifted, it unveils the inner box, which securely holds your book. This layered approach not only protects your book but also adds a sense of anticipation and wonder when readers open the box.

Two-piece boxes can be customized to align perfectly with your book’s theme or branding. Just like slipcases, they can be enriched with finishing options, such as spot UV, foil stamping, metallic finishing, and even die-cut features. These options allow you to create unique designs that make your book presentation truly stand out.

Whether you’re an author looking to enhance the presentation of your book for special editions or a self-publisher seeking to create a lasting impression, two-piece boxes offer a presentation style that communicates elegance, attention to detail, and a commitment to creating an unforgettable reading experience. It’s a choice that can leave a lasting impact on your readers and set your book apart from the rest.


In the world of books, the art of presentation is a powerful element. Both slipcases and box-set for books are a testament to this artistry, offering both practical protection and aesthetic appeal. They are meticulously crafted to ensure a snug fit for the book, with a range of finishing options to suit every taste.

Authors and publishers recognize the inherent value of slipcases and box-sets, from the ability to increase book pricing and sales to enhancing the overall aesthetic of a book collection. For readers and collectors, slipcases and box sets are not just items to be treasured for their content with better protection, but also for the elegant presentation they bring to a bookshelf. Slipcases and box-sets are, in every sense, a valuable addition to the world of book publishing, enhancing the reading experience and the appreciation of the written word.