What Is a Board Book?

A Board Book is different than other types of books. It’s made from thick durable cardboard stock instead of thin sheets of paper. The cover is the same thickness as the inside pages which makes it a lot more interesting to hold and design. These types of books are great for kids, especially if you have toddlers as they are meant to withstand things like chewing, biting and any other crazy things children do.

This Board book is the side view of how it looks like. Board books have a thicker paper.
Board Book Representation

Are Board books safe for kids?

The focus behind a Board Book is to be safe for kids. They don’t have sharp corners but instead have round corners to protect them from accidental paper cuts and comes with gloss or matte lamination for extra protection.

Board Books normally contain large texts and bright colors. This helps kids to follow along the story path more easily and allows for the images to be vibrant and exciting. That’s why these books are there to help kids stay stimulated as much as possible.

It’s also why some Board Books can come with sounds or pop ups; it’s all about creating a sense of immersion and engaging kids to learn new things.

Another board book with the name Amik. Aboriginal board books.

What is the general size of a Board book?

The Board book size will differ based on your personal preference. Board books are generally squared books, with sizes ranging from 4” x 4”, 5” x 5” … and can go as big as 12” x 12”. However, you can create any custom size book you want and does not have to meet these criteria. You can create your board book with us from pages ranging between 4 – 36 using 1mm or 1.5mm boards. The smaller the page count the thicker the board and the bigger the page count the smaller the board size.    

What should you know before creating a board book?

The most important thing to know about creating a board book is to make sure all the bleeds and margins are accurate before sending it to print. Unless you have a white background, most board books have full color to them, and have pictures running off the page. You can learn more about how to set up bleed a margin from your book here.

As you can see, a Board book is primarily meant for kids, they look great and are hefty in nature. It delivers that visual style and quality you can rarely find in books. All you need is to take your time, find the right images and graphic that suits your book requirements and give it a shot. You will be impressed with the finished product you created. Contact us for a free quote here.