Why Self-Publishing Holds Authenticity in Your Book

    There is something very magical when you walk into a bookstore. Especially the tiny, used book stores that hide on side streets, holding centuries of stories and memories. Your eyes wander to the large quantities of journals, magazines and perfectly bound hard covers and soft covers that seem to scream at you to flip through their pages and devour their contents. You hold the embossed paper and a sense of coziness washes over you. All you’re missing is your favorite armchair and a cup of tea.

    Books hold a special place in the lives of many. They are sanctuaries and databases, that provide readers with a wealth of knowledge and entertainment. Many of those who indulge in the Smyth sewn print, show a desire to write their own books, and share their own knowledge and stories. Some writers have imaginative, and wild adventures to tell in volumes. Some writers want to share a difficult part of their life with detail and sympathy. Some want to expand a child’s mind, while others want to engage a focus group. Whatever the end goal, writing a book is an amazing way to reach out to people.

    Writing your very own book can be a daunting task. Luckily, if you have a solid enough idea, and enough motivation and will-power to put ink to paper, the actual writing part is the easiest to get through. What to do with your story once it’s written, is where most people tense up. What if you want to publish your book? Or get a professional service to print it, either for mass consumption or simply personal prize? There are so many options and choices to make, and countless more questions that may be asked. The answers to those questions are often highly subjective to the topics and subjects of the book, but two of the most important questions that may be asked are; “Do I go through a publisher, or self-publish?”

   Authors have a lot to consider when book publishing, especially when they go through publishers. Publishing a book through a publisher often means writers giving up a certain amount of creative authority with a piece of art that they’ve created. It can be very challenging having an external source influence force changes and edits, many that you may not agree with, and the alternative is simply not getting your work published unless it follows a certain protocol.

   Beginner writers who have developed deep attachments to their literary brain child may want to consider self-publishing their books, until they have a significant established authority in the industry. Self-publishing allows for a custom printing service while keeping the book’s authentic dignity and the author’s true intentions and messages. Self-publishing is often cost effective as well, especially if you work with a company that specializes in book binding and digital printing, while maintaining a high quality, equal to big name publishing companies. The cost of printing books through self-publishing methods depends on the quantity that requires printing and what binding options are desired. Price calculators and book printing quotes are often free and easy to access on the company’s website. Minimum order quantities (MOQ) are usually pretty agreeable, primarily designed with independent, and lower budgets in mind.

   The most important selling point for self-publishing, is the total, and complete control that the author has over what is written and what is printed. Self-publishing companies typically have staff on hand to help with logistics, cover designs and provide professional opinions, like whether coil bound is better than Wire-O bound, or if offset printing is a better choice than digital printing (especially if you want to publish picture books). Anything that may be outside of the author’s area of expertise, self-publishing companies help and guide, while leaving the major choices and the final product ultimately to the author’s consent and discretion. After all, it’s your book, with your name on it, it should be kept that way. And hey, maybe one day, a young girl pursuing the shelves of her local bookstore, will pick up a board book or flexibound with your name on it, the same spark and chill that gave you the inspiration to write, will do the very same for her.

Written by Kaylin Baker-Fields. Sumbitted Janurary 28 2021